Principals for schools in the Beaumont Independent School District received a letter Friday outlining criteria when determining who should be laid off.

Trustees for the district Thursday night voted to declare a financial emergency, a move that will trigger a workforce reduction that could cost 300 employees their jobs. The district's financial consultant recommended cutting $32 million from the budget , the majority of which will come in the form of layoffs. The district is also considering reducing the district's contribution to employees' medical coverage, eliminating after-school programs, canceling bus service for pre-k, charging for parking at football games and to start leasing BISD facilities.

The guidelines in the letter issued to principals Friday is the first official communication to schools in light of the financial crisis. The guidelines are:

1. Qualifications for Current or Projected Assignment: Certification, multiple or composite certifications, bilingual

certification, licensure, endorsement, highly qualified status, and/or specialized or advanced content-specific training

or skills for the current or projected assignment.

2. Performance: Effectiveness, as reflected by:

a. The most recent formal appraisal and, if available, consecutive formal appraisals from more than one year [see

DNA]; and

b. Any other written evaluative information, including disciplinary information, from the last 36 months.

If the Superintendent or designee at his or her discretion decides that the documented performance differences

between two or more employees are too insubstantial to rely upon, he or she may proceed to apply the remaining

criteria in the order listed below.

3. Extra Duties: Currently performing an extra-duty assignment, such as department or grade-level chair, band

director, athletic coach, or activity sponsor.

4. Professional Background: Professional education and work experience related to the current or projected


5. Seniority: Length of service in the District, as measured from the employee's most recent date of hire.

The letter is included in a portion of the district's website that will provide updates on directives in light of the financial crisis.