Today, the Beaumont Elks Lodge celebrated the flag of the united states. The lodge is dedicated to local charity work and providing the needs of veterans across Southeast Texas.

June 14th was designated as the official day of observance of the flag by an act of congress signed by president Harry S. Truman.

The Elks Lodge began the ceremony this afternoon with prayer and a reminder of the importance of the flag. The ceremony displayed all the flags that have flown over the united states throughout history.

"Today's ceremony was all about the celebration of the United States and what the flag represents to America," said Ella Ledger, a ,member of the Elks Lodge. "The celebration honored our veterans and those who fought in many wars reminding all generations that they hold a responsibility to our nation."

The celebration was open to the public. On July 3rd through the 4th, the Elks Lodge will be selling fireworks. Those proceeds will go to charity.