Adaptive Sports for Kids is a non profit organization in Nederland that provides six sporting opportunities for kids with disabilities. 12News caught up with one four-year-old who, because of A.S.K., no longer sits on the sidelines.

Aaron Cater has been a sports fan since he was two-years-old. But being born with a disability his grand paw first thought he would always have to watch from the sidelines. Gary Cater, Aaron's grandfather explains, "He was Born with Spina Bifida, paralyzed from the waist down. And so far that doesn't slow him down a whole lot."

When his grand paw found Adaptive Sports for Kids, Aaron took to the field of his dreams. Cater says, "He's played baseball. He's playing soccer and will be playing basketball next. He's been interested in sports since he was two. That's all he wants to do. And we thought we were going to be going to Houston all the time. We went across this and we're thankful to find it."

First in his wheelchair and then on his hands, Cater says, "He figures out his way to do it and other kids can play their way, but he figures out what to do it just does whatever It takes to play. He's a special kid, a special kid."

One of the founders of A.S.K., Scott Ferguson says, "Watching the smile on his face when he knocks the ball into the goal. That's what its all about." And it's that way with all the kids who play.

With this little guy's big personality and even bigger heart, his determination is an inspiration to all who get the opportunity to see him play and that's a Winning combination.

Aaron Cater is one of 350 kids that participate in A.S.K. sports. Their next sport is basketball, which begins in August. For more information on ask, visit their web site at,