An appeals hearing was held today for the veteran Port Arthur teacher, Ruby Gunner, who is fighting to keep her job.

In March a Jefferson County jury found Gunner not guilty of injury to a child. A student at Robert E. Lee Elementary had accused her of attacking him.

On Mar. 25 the Port Arthur school board voted to approve the proposal not to renew Gunner's contract. The school board only needed three votes in favor of not renewing Gunner's contract, but Gunner, who has stuck by her claim of self-defense, appealed that decision.

In today's testimony, the district said that Gunner did not follow proper policies and procedures by getting into a physical altercation with the student.

But Gunner's attorney argued that she was acting out of self-defense and that the district's code of ethics does not have clear policies for self-defense.

Beaumont attorney, Larry Simmons Jr., who has a background in employment law, served as the hearing examiner. Simmons has 15 days to make the final decision on whether Port Arthur I. S. D. must renew Gunner's contract.

The student who claimed Gunner attacked him testified at the appeals hearing, but Simmons asked that media not be present since the student is a minor.