Beaumont rap artist Ivory Pantallion, also known as "Ivory P", not only rapped about the pimp lifestyle, he's actually accused of being a pimp.

On Monday, police in Lake Charles arrested him and Jessica Morgan of Tennessee and charged them with kidnapping and human trafficking.

Police say their victim was a nineteen-year-old Alabama woman, who was rescued after being missing for three days.

It brought back scary moments to a woman who read our report online.

She contacted us through Facebook and also told us she was a victim of Pantallion.

She did not want to be identified, but did give us an interview over the phone.

She told us that Pantallion picked her up as she walked down the street in Beaumont, over six years ago.

From Beaumont, Pantallion took her to Houston, and for the next four months, she says he controlled her.

She told us, "It wasn't as much that he was holding me against my will, he knew that I didn't have any money, and I didn't have any money and I didn't have any family, so there was really no other choice."

She says Pantallion would post ads on classified web sites such as Craigslist, Eros and with her photos.

She says he gave her several phones to answer the calls generated from the ads.

She says, "He would always make sure that he would have a room separate from me or whatever girl was with him so that way if the police came in that they couldn't get him for trafficking and prostitution."

The woman says she eventually gathered enough money to escape Pantallion, took a cab from Houston to Beaumont.

But now she says she's willing to help Lake Charles police keep him behind bars.

Wednesday night, a relative of Pantallion contacted us and said that Pantallion was a music artist, and he portrayed a certain lifestyle. The family member went on to say that Pantallion had a lot of ladies wanting to date him, marry him and even have kids with him, and that the women who could not be with him might be lashing at him out of envy.