Authorities are now offering a $25,000 reward for the safe return of 13-year-old Shavon Randle who was abducted from her family’s Lancaster home Wednesday morning.

Officials have located 25-year-old LaPorschya Polley and 26-year-old Darius Fields, two of the four persons of interest who they have named in connection with the case. They were being questioned and remain in custody Friday afternoon.

Authorities are still searching for the other two persons of interest, 24-year-old Devontae Owens and 19-year-old Michael Titus.

“They are individuals that we believe may have information related to the kidnapping of Shavon,” said Eric Jackson, FBI special agent in charge, during a press conference Friday at Lancaster Police Department.

In an interview, Titus’s mother said she does not believe he would be involved in the kidnapping of Shavon. She believes his life is in danger.

She says on Thursday, her son's girlfriend sent her text messages that her son wrote on Monday night. In them, he wrote that someone was coming to a house to buy marijuana. He was running late, so he told his female cousin to open the door for the customer.

“My female cousin open the door and he rob her and took her gun,” the text said.

He wrote that now his cousin believes that he had something to do with the robbery. “So if these (n-word) kill me, … screenshot this and show the police,” the text said.

Titus’ mother said she immediately contacted the police and gave them the text messages. On Friday, detectives were at a relative’s house interviewing her and other family members.

“I'm not saying my child is perfect by far, but what I do know that he would not be responsible for no kidnapping of another child,” she said. “I'm worried not only for this baby, but for my child.”

Titus’ mother asked WFAA to conceal her identity because she fears for her family’s safety. She says she has not heard from her son since Tuesday, which is very unusual since she typically speaks to him almost daily.

Through tears, she said she is desperate for answers about the whereabouts of her son and Shavon.

“I want the parents of this 13-year-old to have their baby safe in that house,” she said. “I don’t care about what was going on. All I care about is my child saying that his life was in danger and he’s going to be killed behind this.”

Titus’ mother said she did not know Polley. She said Owens is the father of her two nephews. Her son, she says, knows Fields through Owens.

“He knows them as almost like family,” she said.

She says all she can do now is pray.

“I'm gonna keep praying and I'm going to put my faith in my God that these two individuals are returned safely, safely to their families,” Titus’ mother said.