Spring has finally sprung and while most Southeast Texans are happy about the warmer weather, others have to face the annoying symptoms that come with spring allergies.

The sneezing, coughing, wheezing, itching and other allergy symptoms seem to be even worse this year. Allergist experts like Dr. Jeremy Roebuck of Southeast Texas Ear, Nose and Throat, said the longer winter 2014 has seen so far, could be to blame.

"We had several freezes so the idea is we've had so much precipitation everything is pollinating at the same time," Roebuck said.

"It seems like out of no where the pollen is just all over the cars."

Dr. Roebuck also said flowers are not as much to blame as trees, since most people are allergic to tree pollen, especially pine and oak.

"I have patients that say they've never had allergy problems their whole life," Roebuck said.

"Now all of a sudden they're having trouble and it may be just be because of what's changed in the environment."

The best recommendation is for patients to limit outdoor exposure and try over the counter medications. If allergy symptoms remain severe Roebuck said it may be time to visit an allergist for Immuno-therapy, which changes the body's response to allergens.