A Bridge City family is upset after their local newspaper, the “Penny Record” reported the death of Dr. Albert Pugh. The May 10th edition ran the obituary for 63-year old veterinarian, Albert Pugh.

"Even now, the phones are still ringing," said Carrie Pugh, the daughter of Dr. Pugh.

Carrie was at a Houston hospital with her father after he suffered a stroke, when she heard of the shocking report from a co-worker at the Bridge City Animal Hospital.

"I got a phone call from one of the office mangers saying 'the phones have been ringing off the walls' and they wanted to know if I had read the newspaper," said Carrie.

Carrie read the Bridge City newspaper and found the words "We are saddened about the 40-year veterinarian, Dr. Albert Pugh’s passing. The problem with this report is that Albert is alive and breathing.

"It really should have been confirmed, said Carrie. “A simple phone call would have taken care of that"

"It was a simple mistake and we would like to move on from it," said an employee at the "Penny Records Newspaper.”

"I don't believe that's a simple mistake," said Carrie. "It’s not like the price of ground beef was wrong."

The day the article was printed, Carrie called the newspaper to get an explanation. However, they refused to tell her where they got their information.

"They said they received a phone call the day before the report and they felt like they wanted to get that on paper that night."

According to the Bridge City Animal Hospital, the report sparked commotion from customers who feared that the business would close down.

"People were calling and asking to transfer their pet’s medical records," said Carrie.

The Penny Record removed the report from their website. But Carrie says, that doesn't correct the mistake.

"Which doesn't mean the article was re-tracked," said Carrie.

Albert Pugh is still undergoing treatment for his health. It's still not clear if the newspaper will release a re-traction in this week’s newspaper.