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DENVER- It was a packed house, all awaiting to hear the world premiere of a choral composition created more than 80 years ago.

"I was stunned to see so many people here," said Alexander Pazandak, a 95-year-old amateur composer.

When he was just 12 years old, a hunting accident landed Pazandak in the hospital. A nurse gave him a book of poetry and upon reading Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written in Country Churchyard"- something happened and a composition was born.

"I felt this music coming into my head," he said.

Sunday afternoon, more than 250 people packed into South Broadway Christian Church to help make Pazandak's dream come true, as the choral ensemble Kantorei performed his composition. It was thanks in part to the non-profit "Wish of a Lifetime," which grants wishes to senior citizens.

"He's seen so much-everything from serving in World War II to just making a life for himself all over America for the past 95 years," said Cailey Salagovic, a "Wish Fulfillment Specialist" for Wish of a Lifetime. "To see him finally have this come true for him, was such a big moment."

Mr. Pazandak will tell you, up until now, so many of his musical aspirations had been mired in rejection.

"It is certainly amazing what nice and beautiful letters of rejection that all of these organizations can write to you," he told the crowd.

That wasn't the case on Sunday, though.

"When you love to do something, that's what you need to be doing- and the world will celebrate with you," said Wish of a Lifetime CEO Jillaina Wachendorf.

In the end, Pazandak's wish was quite simple.

"I hoped they enjoyed it," he said.

By the standing ovation the performance received, it appeared the crowd loved it.

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