12News has learned that several Southeast Texans have reported problems while trying to vote at Jefferson County polling places. And the issue has led to complaints to the Texas Secretary of State's office.

Jefferson County Clerk Carolyn Guidry tells us that the ES&S Ivotronics voting machines used by the county have in some cases repeatedly lost calibration. Guidry says her office has received complaints that voters who tried to cast a "straight party" ballot have reviewed their selections to find that the machine has switched their votes to the other party.

Guidry confirmed that problems have been experienced at the polling locations at Nederland Recreational Center, the John Paul Davis Community Center, Rogers Park, the Theodore Johns Library and Port Arthur Library.

"Yes, we definitely need new machines," Guidry told 12News.

She asked voters to be certain that they review the votes they have made before finalizing their ballot. Jefferson County Republican Party chairman Billy Oliver is also advising voters to do the same, while confirming that his office has asked the state to look at the issue.

12News has much more on the potential voting irregularities on our Tuesday night broadcasts.