12News hit Port Arthur's Procter Street to find out the answer to one important question: What's your favorite thing about Mardi Gras?

The dreary weather didn't keep hundreds of people from showing up in downtown Port Arthur Saturday afternoon. They were all there enjoying the Southeast Texas Mardi Gras, and we asked them what they like about it most.

Many people said they liked the food the best.

"I like the foot long corn dogs and the jumbo lemonades and the big, fat funnel cakes," a young girl told us.

"I like the fried Oreo's," said another.

"I like the people," a food vendor told us.

Some people couldn't choose just one thing they liked the most.

"The beads and the candy and the rides and the food and, um, everything!" said a young boy who could barely breathe after that sentence.

But there was one thing that almost every person we talked to mentioned... Beads.

Why so much love for the beads?

"I don't know it's the magic of it I guess," said Gras-goer Ruby Alexander.

Whatever your favorite part of Mardi Gras may be, there's certainly something for everyone.