Last month, we shed light on several incidents of violence in Port Arthur Independent School District. Those involved students.

We have also been following the investigation into a Lee Elementary School teacher accused of assaulting a student.

That case has been sent to a Jefferson County grand jury.

But Thursday night at the PAISD school board meeting, we were approached by a representative from the Port Arthur Teachers Association.

Juana Collida told us that no one was focusing attention on what teachers are facing.

Collida is a teacher at Tyrrell Elementary, and she says teachers of all grade levels are facing aggressive behavior from students, including assaults and threats.

Collida claims teachers are not getting support from administrators.

PAISD superintendent Dr. Johnny Brown says he was unaware of any of the issues brought up by the teacher.

But he says the safety of staff and students is a priority.

Dr. Brown also showed us statistics that disciplinary issues of decreased over the past five years.

However, PAISD board trustee Gregory Flores says he wants the Texas Education Commissioner to come to Port Arthur and investigate.

As for the Lee Elementary teacher accused of assaulting an 11-year-old boy, 12 News has new information.

A source close to the investigation tells us that according to witnesses, the teacher actually went into another teacher's classroom where the student was in, and confronted him.

She remains on paid leave.

No date on when the grand jury will hear the case.