The Texas Department of Transportation has closed the 11th Street entrance ramp to US 69 for good.

It's part of the two year project from Interstate 10 and Highway 69 North interchange to Highway 105. TX-DOT closed the entrance ramp Monday. All traffic that normally takes the ramp to US 69 will be rerouted to the frontage road.

Drivers won't be able to enter the highway until the entrance ramp just past the Lucas intersection.

"The only way it's going to get better is if they work on it. It will help me because then I won't have those who are getting on there at 11th Street onto already jammed traffic," Commuter Bonnie Dean said.

Dean allowed 12News to join her commute home from Beaumont to Lumberton. While traffic was heavy along the frontage road past the now closed 11th street ramp, Dean's commute took about the same time as it did before the closing.