Have you ever come up with that one in a million idea, that invention of all inventions, but then hit the roadblock: how do I sell it to the world?

A Kent State student found a way to market her idea, and a major company and Hollywood actress are buying in.

Inspired by her mom, 19-year-old Anne Skoch went to fashion school. She started sewing at 13, mostly just items for herself.

"I would make dresses, clothes for my dolls."

That turned into gifts for family and friends and eventually the thought of starting her own business. She came up with her own design based on her love for the Cleveland skyline, which led to other designs for New York and Chicago. The designs would be on anything from pillow cases to purses.

"It's a simple, elegant, classy product...it caters to people who travel and want to take home with them."

To market her idea, Anne built her own ETSY online page under the name Anne Cate to showcase her work, hoping it would land her a buyer. Then American Greetings came calling, or emailing in this case.

"It was huge, I freaked out."

Actress Monica Potter's home store wanted in and started selling Anne's designs.

"I was so excited."

Anne has added 25 city skylines and talks about going global, with a request from Cape Town, South Africa. She has more than 100 current customers and may even have to hire employees to keep up with the demand.

Her advice?

"If your heart is in it...who will come your way."

So what can you do to turn your idea into a hobby? You can either use Facebook, online shops like Etsy or create your own webpage.

If you choose to sell through Facebook, you can create a page by logging in to your personal account and choosing which category best suits your idea and needs.

You can also choose to sell on online markets like Etsy by using a Facebook or Google account, or creating an account on the site itself. There is a process, which the site directs you through to help set up your own shop. While there is easy management and help, Etsy does require a commission on items you sell.

Now, if you just want to begin running your entire website on your own, Wix allows users to create your own website. There are templates available and tools to help get you started.