The University of Texas at Austin now has it's first Latina, differently-abled student body president.

Alejandrina Guzman had to be convinced to enter student government just two years ago. Today, she is inspiring many students to get involved on campus.

Guzman and her running mate Vice President Micky Wolf won a runoff election Thursday.

The word "RALLY" was at the center of their platform, both for the definition and as an acronym for "Representing All Longhorns Like You".

Guzman believes that some communities on campus feel like they aren't being heard, but says she will make sure resources are available now that she is Student Body President.

Guzman said, "It gives me a lot of hope because I feel like it's a step forward. And being able to bring my entire communities with me and uplift them along with me."

"It's awesome to see the way she gives others energy and gives me energy personally. There could not be somebody I'd be happier about doing this with than her, I really do feel like I'm unbelievably lucky to be able to run with her," her running mate said.

Guzman says she used to think student government was silly. Her friend asked her to join and she was almost past the deadline turning in her paperwork, but now realizes that promoting diversity and positivity is the key to accomplishing great things.