ORANGE, TX -- Today was adoption day in Orange County. Six families stood before Orange County Judge Courtney Arkeen as they finalized their adoption. Seven children found their forever families. Of those seven children, one was adopted by his grandparents, Adam and Tina Leger.

Justin Lakey is 2 years old. His father was killed in a car accident in Beaumont almost 3 years to the day his parents adopted his son. Sadly, he never had the chance to meet his child. The Leger's have placed photographs around their home, always showing their grandson pictures of a father who would have loved him unconditionally.

"There are things that he does that just reminds me of his daddy and when that happens I just think, that's my son."

As Judge Arkeen finalized little Justin's adoption, there were tears of joy and many cheers. Justin's new name -- Justin Douglas Lyn Lakey, Jr. named after his father.

In Texas, there are 3,939 children still awaiting adopting. As of September, 5,395 children have found their forever families. 21 is the minimal age you must be to adopt in the state of Texas.

Friday, November 17th, Jefferson County will hold their Adoption Day. There are 17 children who will be adopted into their forever family.

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