Chilly temperatures tonight

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A round of rain and thunderstorms is expected Late Saturday Night through Sunday Morning with another wet (and warmer pattern) Monday and Tuesday…

Chilly temperatures are expected across SE Texas tonight with lows in the middle to upper 30’s.  Saturday, skies will become cloudy with rain likely Saturday Night.

Monday and Tuesday, wet weather again looks likely with warmer temperatures ahead of a weak cold front.

Warmer weather is expected Thursday and Friday ahead of an Arctic Cold Front Late NEXT Friday.

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Short Term Forecast

Triangle Tonight:  Variable high cloudiness, chilly.  Low temperatures near: 39° Beaumont, 38° Orange and 40° at Port Arthur.  Winds:  Northeast to East 2-5 mph.

Lakes Area Tonight:  Partly cloudy, frosty.  Low temperatures near: 34°.  Winds:  Calm.

Triangle Saturday:  Becoming cloudy, cool with a 20% coverage of showers late.  High temperature near: 59° at Beaumont, 57° at Orange and 58° at Port Arthur.  Winds:  East 4-12 mph.

Lakes Area Saturday:  Becoming cloudy, cool with a 20% coverage of showers late.  High near: 59°.  Winds:  East to Southeast 2-5 mph.

Extended Forecast

Sunday:  40% coverage of morning showers, decreasing afternoon cloudiness, warmer.  Low near: 52°.  High near: 70°.  Northwest becoming Southeast 3-8 mph.

Monday:  Cloudy, 60% coverage of rain, warmer.  Low near: 56.  High near: 71.  Winds:  Northwest becoming East 2-7 mph.

Tuesday:  Cloudy, 70% coverage of rain, warmer.  Low near: 63°.  High near: 73°.  Winds:  South to Southwest 7-14 mph.

Wednesday:  Becoming mostly sunny, cooler.  Low near: 53°.  High near: 68°.  Winds: West to Southwest 3-8 mph.

Thursday:  Mostly cloudy, 20% coverage showers, warmer and breezy.  Low near: 52°.  High near: 75°.  Winds:  South to Southwest 4-12 mph.

Friday:  Cloudy, 60% coverage of showers and thunderstorms.  Low near: 68°.  High near: 74°.  Winds:  South shifting North late 4-16 mph.

Forecast by Chief Meteorologist Patrick Vaughn